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Orla Doherty

Orla Doherty qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon from UCD in 1992. She completed a Master’s Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Edinburgh University  in 1993. She subsequently carried out further research and study into animal  behaviour and learning at Edinburgh University and also at Cornell University, New York and Auburn University, Alabama in the US.

Orla returned to Dublin in 1994, where she founded the Animal Behaviour Clinic, while also continuing to work in general veterinary practice. Since 1994, she has been treating behaviour problems in animals throughout the country, with clinics in Dublin, Cork and Donegal. Orla is an Associate Lecturer in Animal Behaviour in the Veterinary College  at UCD and also in Limerick University. orla is also a council member (and treasurer) of the International Society of Equitation Science.

She delivers regular presentations to groups of Veterinary Surgeons on the treatment of behaviour problems and on the latest research findings within this area. In addition, a core part of Orla’s work involves consultations with individual pet-owners on a one-to-one basis.

Orla continues to research and study animal behaviour, most recently, at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Melbourne, Australia, where she completed an Associate Diploma in Equitation Science (June 2012).  She is currently carrying out a PhD through the University of Limerick studying horse - rider interactions, training methods and the origin of behaviour problems in the ridden horse.