Behaviour Problems in Dogs and Horses

Bull Dog

Behaviour Problems in Dogs

Often described as ‘man's best friend’, dogs have evolved to live closely with humans, and have become for many of us, long-term trusted and loved companions and friends.

Unfortunately, however, behaviour problems do arise. Given that the dog is a very different species to the human being, it is inevitable that misunderstandings occur.

After all, we speak different languages, we value different resources, and we, humans do not even faintly resemble our canine counterparts.



Horse in snow

Behaviour Problems in Horses

Horsemanship is an ancient art, and many techniques have been applied to the training of horses and the treatment of problematic behaviours

However, studies have shown that in countries where horses are routinely sent for slaughter, the majority of horses being sent for slaughter were being sent because of behaviour problems, rather than health issues.

Fortunately, major advances have been made in recent years in the area of studying horse psychology and learning.

Based on these exciting developments, techniques used in horse training can now be assessed in a more scientific manner, and replaced, where necessary, with approaches which make use of the horses learning abilities more efficiently.