Types of Behaviour

 Cute dogThe type of behaviour problems most frequently treated at my clinics include:

  • Aggression, both towards family members but also strangers, other dogs in the household and other dogs encountered while on walks. Aggression is a serious problem, and is of particular concern where there are children or elderly people within the household, as the risk of injury is high.
  • Barking excessively, also whining / howling. This is a particular problem in suburban areas, as neighbours often become annoyed, and relationships between neighbouring households are put under pressure.
  • Toilet problems! Most dogs can be successfully toilet trained. However indoor soiling is a common problem, and one that is of enormous frustration to owners. Fortunately, toilet problems can usually be rapidly resolved.
  • Destructive behaviour, such as chewing at furniture, doors, electrical cables, digging up plants shrubs, flowerbeds, etc. can incur enormous expense for the owners. Destructive behaviour occurs for a number of reasons, and is also highly resolvable in the majority of cases.
  • A range of behaviours such as pulling excessively on the lead, refusing to come back when called (particularly if the dog escapes out the front door!), continually looking for a game/ a rub/ to be let out/let in, stealing food from worktops, chasing vehicles, mounting inappropriate objects, (such as the owners leg!) are all behaviours which are treated during our weekly clinics.