Canine and Feline Consultations

Black and White Cat

All consultations are by appointment.

Consultations last approximately 1.5 hours. At the end of each consult, owners are given a written outline of the recommendations made during the consultation. A report is then written to the owner's own vet, outlining what the diagnosis is, and what recommendations have been made.

If drug treatment is required, if surgery is recommended (for example, neutering) or if a special diet is recommended, your vet will be informed of this, and further communication as necessary will take place between ourselves and your own vet to maximize the likelihood of your pet progressing rapidly, and behaviour problems diminishing.

We encourage owners to attend our clinics with their dog. House visits may be carried out occasionally by arrangement. Unfortunately, due to our many commitments, it is impossible to offer to carry out house visits except under exceptional circumstances.

A video recording of the problem behaviour is very useful, and we encourage owners to forward this to us in advance of the consultation when possible. This will allow us to analyze the behaviour and help us reach an accurate diagnosis.

For those pet owners who have taken out health insurance for their pet, behaviour consultations at the Animal Behaviour Clinic may be covered by your policy (Insurance companies and policies vary), unless the behaviour problem was in existence before the policy was taken out.

You can find our clinic locations and times here.

You can contact us by emailing, through the contact page or by phoning 087 264 1762, Mon-Fri from 9.30am  until 6.00pm